Web Apps Development

A web application uses web browsers and web technologies to run tasks over an Internet connection. Examples of web applications include social networks, content management systems and blogs, e-commerce, online polls, interactive games, online banking, etc.

Web apps are essential in modern business as they bring a number of benefits that help companies achieve goals faster and more effectively. Web applications can help your business reach that competitive edge by attracting users with an easy to use application that delivers solutions effortlessly to clients and potential leads.

As web apps become more important to our daily existence, it is only natural that the need to build a custom web app increases exponentially. Not only do web apps serve a purpose or solve a problem, but they usually obtain results faster and more cost-effectively, which is why the IT industry has embraced their development as second-nature. An important aspect of custom business application development is determining the right choice of web technologies and development tools that meet the requirements. The technology covers the two main sides of web development, which is the client-side (front-end) and the server-side (back-end).

Mythos Software offers custom web application development services that are built in order to meet the unique needs of each client they are designed for.

Wordpress Design

WordPress is the most preferred CMS for entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, coders, and non-coders. So, if you are looking for a fresh and crisp theme design for your new WordPress site or want to customize your old WordPress site we can help you with that.

Your website will be created exclusively for your business with a unique design that represents your brand. We focus heavily on usability and visitor satisfaction. We I always find new ways to bring your site to life to make a powerful first impression.

For custom building we can make a new theme from scratch using Bootstrap framework, or use some more robust framework with drag & drop capabilities like Gantry.

If you’ve already purchased a WordPress theme, we can work with that too. We can install it, set it up and customise it for you. Or if you have an existing WordPress website with installed theme that needs a makeover, we can take care of it also. From minor tweaks to major overhauls, it is no problem. We will work with you on each step of the remake process.

Whether we create your website from scratch or remake your existing site, we will test it across all major platforms, browsers and devices before going live to make sure that it looks good on desktop or mobile devices. In the end we will optimize it to run fast and smooth with basic SEO included.

Shopify Design

Unlike other popular shopping carts, Shopify works really well for startups, small and medium business, and don't even disappoint big enterprises. They have all the necessary functionality built-in their system so one can start the e-commerce business within a day. With the help of third party apps it's quite easy to go fancy and build complex store.

For unique features, our Shopify custom theme design starts from scratch and builds on your business and brand. Our custom shopify themes are based on your requirements and keeping your business in mind. We analyze your business industry and target audience to design the site which can make your ready for the competition right from the start.

We create responsive designs that work well with all screen sizes and devices. The design prototype is developed using information of your site and it is sent for testing where we can see what features a website needs and if we are capable of adding those features to that site.

We can add additional functionality into your store which isn't being fulfilled by existing app. Sometimes you need to install many apps that do simple things, but with custom apps we can integrate all those simple things right into your store without a need to install additional apps.

Together with knowledge, experience and technology, we give desired results in expected time.

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